Our service range
April 7, 2014



A whole team at your service

Our technical support department comprises 15 dedicated and certified support engineers (13 FTE) led by our Technical Director. All of our coworkers are based in France. Furthermore, this team receives support on a daily basis from our publishing team (product development) which provides Level 3 support (resolution of bugs on products). In order to deliver specialized expertise on our solutions, skills and human resources are organized by 3 divisions: ILS division, Online services division and the technical and public digital center division.

Constant responsive and relevant support

With a constantly operational  portal, your users can expect speed and fluidity at all times.

Our support team responds quickly to incidents that may arise on your site thanks to tools that monitor the SLA (Service Level Agreement: the definition of the quality of service between a service provider and a client) associated with your contract and the knowledge base to which our experts have been contributing for several years.

Take advantage of professional assistance with our extranet tracking platform and assess its effectiveness seamlessly.