Our service range
April 14, 2014



We offer our solutions either on premises, hosted by your usual web hosting provider or hosted by us. For this case, we have built a service range based on the Microsoft Azure platform.

Advantages for our clients

Security and availability Quality of service  SLA level of 99.90%

Data security

Microsoft infrastructure performance

Pricing policy adapted and accessible to all client categories

Scalability of the range: service provided according to requirements

Flexibility and adaptability
Archimed/Microsoft synergy Archimed runs the service and is behind the expertise on its software packages. Microsoft provides the infrastructure

Main principles of the range

  • Built on the Microsoft Azure IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) range: virtual PCs, storage and network.
  • Installation, operation and supervision services conducted by Archimed’s teams
  • Application environments (web servers) are dedicated by client. Database servers (SQL Server) may be shared or dedicated.
  • Archimed deploys its services in two European Microsoft data centers: Amsterdam and Dublin.
  • All data is replicated practically in real time between both European data centers. In addition to data redundancy, we ensure a complementary backup strategy with a 7-day retention duration.