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July 31, 2014



When a project is framed by a start and end date, very often the real adventure only starts once our project team leaves you to your own devices after successfully seeing the project through to the end.

In order to assist you thereafter in your daily operations, besides of course the bug fixes and other issues that our technical support department resolves, Archimed has developed a scalable third-party application maintenance product offering, capable of meeting new challenges once the project has been completed.

  • Keeping pace with your teams allows you to use your new tools more relevantly day after day
  • The post-project development phase of complementary integration makes it possible for your portal to expand and adapt to your new challenges. As such, you reap the benefits of an investment in the long run and of a portal that intelligently guides your corporation over time.
  • The functional and technical expertise of Archimed’s teams enable you to upgrade your portal’s infrastructure.
  • Occasional additions to your teams are taken into account to help you to meet requirements and address new issues that may be encountered on your site.