September 10, 2015

A modern ILS and document portal for Réseau des Opéras de France!

Par Catherine

Archimed is pleased to welcome among its ranks a new Syracuse reference: Réseau des Opéras de France!

Réseau des Opéras de France is France’s national network of opera houses. It currently unites 26 opera houses, stages and lyrical festivals that all share the same cultural missions and objectives. This network shares both information and databases online with opera houses as well as the public.

And that is how our collaboration began…

By the end of the year, this network will have a portal reflecting its personality, containing around 5000 digital archive records (posters, programs, photographs, etc). Much like an online showcase, this portal will allow the network to share and promote rich and varied document collections to theaters that are members of the network.

Portail_REOFIn addition, Syracuse SIGBDR will provide network teams with a high-performance tool to catalog its collections.

Setting up Syracuse will also enable the 25 member theaters to work better together. In the future, each member will indeed be able to participate in enriching the catalog of the Réseau des Opéras de France.

Did you know?

  • Syracuse SIGB DR  is a comprehensive digital-ready document management system adapted to libraries of all sizes and types
  • Syracuse portal, is a document portal, indispensable for managing, mediating and creating prominence for your library’s services

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