June 1, 2014

Elise 5.4 R2 – more than 45 product developments!

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Elise 5.4 R2 boasts many functional upgrades, such as :

  • A new feature for sharing information with users: Elise has been upgraded with a new interface that allows pushing important information to collaborators once they log on to the application (new features in Elise, zoom on certain features, technical data such as future disruptions to the application due to maintenance, etc).



  • Visuel MultilinguismeAdvanced multilingual support with the management of several  languages within the same instance. Users can choose their preferred language in their profiles. Three languages are offered in the standard version of the application: French, English and Arabic. Other languages will be available depending on demand in new versions of the product.
  • New features relating to document templates with the availability of templates by document type (complaints, invoices, HR documents, etc.).
  • Implementation of the Elise CRM interface with IP telephony and the activation of a call protocol from the mail record

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