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Easily manage the services and peripheral devices offered in your public resource centers. Whether you wish to provide restricted or unrestricted internet, impose reservation requirements on workstations, or display an online schedule of courses or initiations, the Ermes public resource center has so many value-added services you can offer your users!

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User traffic
close User traffic

Maximum session durations, mandatory reservation of computers, access quotas by day, week or month are just some of the tools that allow you to smoothly manage access to your services by the largest number of users.

Hosting your resource center
close Hosting your resource center

Our websight edition provides you with a website indicating the services found at your resource center, a catalog of resources and tools for communicating with your users.

close Scalability

A single solution for managing your various public resource centers  - libraries, museums, youth information centers, job corner, housing, etc.

Internet under control
close Internet under control

Customize the browser (kiosk mode, access to options, multi-tab support, etc) and the internet services provided according to the workstation (cultural corner, job corner, etc) and/or the  profile of the user (adult/child)

close Flexibility

Vary the profile and services offered by your public computers the according to your preferences. Workstations are no longer dedicated but adapt to your needs and current situation.

A place to work or unwind
close A place to work or unwind

The built-in application toolbar can be customized according to each workstation and makes it possible to offer quick access to any type of application. The authenticated user will then be able to access an area where he can store documents created.

Easy operation
close Easy operation

All you need to make your everyday tasks easier and improve the availability of your workstations - embedded proxy, complementary system components, full web interface, remote shutdown, and more.

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Managing public workstations

Ermes for public resource centers allows monitoring the services offered to your users on public workstations. Full web administration has been designed to facilitate the day-to-day operation and management of public resource centers.

Internet security

Ermes builds in a fully configurable proxy server that enables you to be in control of the internet service offered to your users. A Wi-Fi module is available as well for managing the internet service for your BYOD users.

Tools for users

File storage area, computer reservation, time quote or e-wallet – Ermes makes sit possible to offer these tools to your users in order to optimize the use of your public resource center

Reaching out with your public resource center

The websight edition of Ermes for public resource centers offers the coordinator of the multimedia area a website to communicate on his activities, manage an event and training calendar, and publish an online resource catalog.

Ermes for public resource centers allows any institution to manage without fuss the accommodation of the general public as well as the provision of public computers. Public users, while evolving in a controlled environment, will find their daily habits uninterrupted or can be initiated into information technology via a current environment. As for the coordinator of the multimedia area, Ermes contributes to the web environment all the operation and administration tools needed for the proper running of a public resource center.

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Controlled access to workstations

Depending on the profile defined, Ermes may require the user to authenticate and/or offer anonymous access to the public computers available. The use of the computer may be subject to various rules: acceptance of an IT charter, prior reservation of the computer, quota on the duration of the session, etc. Besides simple identification, the homepage also allows sharing content by using the screens that can be viewed by the general public (RSS feeds, editorial content, reservation list, etc). It is generally customized graphically to reflect your corporate identity.

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Varied and dynamic usage profiles

Ermes enables the definition of usage profiles on your public computers. For each profile defined, you can vary the configuration of the secure browser, including the default page and the application toolbar. Within the same profile, different configurations can be applied by user to prevent unintended use, such as children accessing a computer in the adults’ section. The library can define as many profiles as it wishes, as switching from one profile to another takes mere seconds.

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Standard and secure browser

Ermes allows you to offer your users a standard and non-proprietary browser, while making it possible to finely configure its settings in order to meet your security and control requirements on the tools offered. You may also define as many browsing profiles as you wish and in each of them, define in particular whether the browser opens normally or in kiosk mode, the prevention of pop-ups, session management, maximum number of tabs open, etc.

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Embedded application toolbar

Ermes gives the reader a simple environment allowing him to simultaneously look up a website while creating an office file with information gathered during his search by switching from one application to another. This application toolbar appears in general at the bottom of the page (this position can be configured). The professional can adapt it as much as necessary.


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Operational assistance

Apart from the configuration possibilities it offers, the Ermes EPN administration interface also provides coordinators of the multimedia area with simple and quick tools allowing them to efficiently manage the daily operations of the service: user registration, management of workstations profiles and their availability, mass reservation of workstations for an association or class, and even the startup/shutdown of terminals. All these functions are accessible in a single click from the web interface.

Both a venue to learn about new technologies as well as to obtain help in seeking employment, public resource centers are incessantly confronted with the need to be in control and rapidly upgrade the conditions of use for internet services that they offer to the public. Ermes provides you with the solution that allows the combination of control and flexibility, while guaranteeing the preservation of traffic data.

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A controlled internet service range

Ermes offers great flexibility in the management of your internet service. Embedding a regularly updated blacklist of more than 1,600,000 websites, Ermes spares you the tedium of identifying sites that are considered dangerous and lets you focus on your main missions of accommodating and training your users. You may however, disable part of or the whole blacklist on some or all of your workstations. Likewise, in the event of a particular program, using Ermes’ whitelisting principles, you may restrict the internet service to only identified websites and of combine these possibilities if necessary.

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Embedded captive portal

Public resource centers, as areas for social interaction, receive an increasing number of users equipped with their own devices. In order to accommodate them in the best conditions while staying in control of the internet service offered on these workstations, opt for the Ermes EPN Wi-Fi module. This module is presented in the form of a ready-to-use box kit and containing a captive portal server interfaced with your resource center’s directory and customizable to your preferences.

Whether your public resource center is within a cultural center or dedicated to job seekers or a youth information center, the fact that the general public uses your services creates the need to retrieve documents that have been produced or found, as well as the ability to accommodate their presence and ensure that users get access to a computer when they arrive.

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Personal workspace

Every registered user has an electronic briefcase the can be accessed directly from computers in the resource center as well as from the web. This tool embeds the basic features of a file manager (delete, rename, zip, etc). When a user uses a public computer while he is authenticated, this storage space will be automatically synchronized with the local “My Documents” folder on the workstation. As such, if the user launches an office application, he will be able to find his files there. All work done on the public computer can therefore be saved on a removable storage device such as a USB key.

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Reservation wizard

Authenticated users have access to an online computer reservation service and a personal area allowing them to find out about their future reservations, the status of their quotas, etc. The wizard enables readers to specify several criteria in order to then proceed with their reservations: area or site where they wish to log on and/or desired type of  service (internet, DTP software, etc) and/or the date of the reservation…. Needless to say, the wizard includes controls to prevent in particular readers reserving several computers for the same time slot.

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Session quota

In addition to reserving computers, Ermes also allows you to manage the use of your public workstations by implementing a quota system on sessions. In this case, when your user wishes to use a service/computer subject to quotas, he will be informed about it and will constantly see the time remaining on his session. The user may at any moment find out the status of his e-wallets, among other applications.

The websight edition of Ermes for public resource centers allows complementing the services and tools for managing your peripheral devices with features for publishing your service range on the web. This edition embeds a simplified version of our digital portal and library products in order to give you a website to present your services, a tool for provisioning a resource catalog, and tools for managing and communicating on your training programs and activities.

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An information center

Through a modern and responsive design portal, showcase your public resource enter online to better communicate with your users. Present your services and news to them, and allow them to sign up online and discover on this site their personal user area (files, reservation, quotes, etc).

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Diary and newsletter

Through a diary that is attractive and easy to use for you and your users, you will be able to communicate on workshops, training courses or any other events taking place in your resource center. You can manage course registrations directly online and edit lists of participants. Newsletters may even be created to regularly inform your users about your activities.

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Managing a catalog of resources

Offer your online or intranet users a catalog of resources indicating by theme of type of medium the sites and resources that you recommend (job websites, online courses, etc). Resources may be highlighted in the form of selections, presented by theme or accessible through a search engine. Oriented towards the professional, you are equipped with a simple tool embedded in the site’s CMS to manage your catalog.