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Content service range

A content service range (bibliographic records, web 2.0 and/or multimedia enrichment services) designed on demand by librarians in order to guide them through each of their functions: monitoring, help with cataloging and automatic enrichment of records.

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Unlimited high-quality records
close Unlimited high-quality records

In order to prepare your acquisitions and load your management system, take advantage of a comprehensive and regularly updated database of bibliographic records.

Add web 2.0 into your OPAC
close Add web 2.0 into your OPAC

Enrich your OPAC with content by qualified community users to complete your local records - readers' review, professional critiques, quotations, reading lists, etc.

Enrich your multimedia content portal
close Enrich your multimedia content portal

Based on your bibliographic records, your users will be able to find out all they need about a publication thanks to author interviews, an excerpt or presentation video, for example.

Monitoring tool combined with a social network
close Monitoring tool combined with a social network

For utmost clarity in your acquisition policy, rely on shared reviews by your coworkers in other libraries and other reading enthusiasts

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Bibliographic records

With our Notis service, download an unlimited number of records that you wish to acquire at an attractive price. Benefit from the offerings of the social network within a document monitoring tool

Web 2.0 enrichments adds web 2.0  features and content to your OPAC, essential for drawing your audience’s attention and keeping them interested. Let your readers benefit from the indisputable contribution to their next choice of reading material.

Multimedia enrichments

Take advantage of audio and video content that is exclusive and/or aggregated by to enrich the discovery of a publication or an author featured in your catalog.

Notisguides you through your acquisitions and allows all your professional users to retrieve an unlimited number of bibliographic records of their choice, even before the release of the publication. You therefore remain in control of your purchasing budget while possessing high-quality content, enriched as soon as the record is published by the French national library (Bibliothèque nationale de France). Notis is the only range on the market that natively includes a book community network of more than 30,000 members.

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A comprehensive and qualitative data pool

Notis contains data originating from the TITE-LIVE  base (reference database for French bookstores), consolidated by data from the Bibliothèque nationale de France. All types of media are represented: publications in French and/or released in France, out of stock and “coming soon” publications. This data is refreshed daily, and includes bibliographic data on main and secondary authors. The database contains all media with an EAN code (gencode), whether they are on paper, audio books or e-books.

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A powerful search tool

In addition to simple searches that are always accessible, the professional can also use a multicriteria form (including Dewey fields, RAMEAU indexing, etc) to conduct refined searches. This form also allows him to enter batches of barcodes using a scanner. The list of result contains several fields including the availability of the publication, the source of the record, etc, and may be refined using facets. According to his searches, the professional may add documents to an existing cart and/or create new carts.

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Multi-cart support

The institution may organize the structure of carts the way it wishes to through files by professional, site or area of acquisition. A notification system allows the professional to be informed of any operations performed on a cart that he has created. The professional may search in his cart and sort its contents by all columns in the display. The total cost of all publications in the cart is also indicated, allowing the user to adjust the contents of the cart to his budget if necessary.


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Open and unlimited exports

Library professionals may print the contents of their carts or send them by e-mail to any person of their choice. Of course, they may also export the contents of their carts. The default format is  ISO2709 but other export formats may be selected (CSV, MarcXML, text). They may also export records with or without authors’ authorities and specify the desired character coding (UTF8, ISO 8859-1, ISO 5426).

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Ordering equipped publications

In partnership with NBD Biblion, we offer the possibility of ordering fully-equipped publications: binding, rating labels, barcode identification or document’s RFID, etc.  You can place your orders directly from the Notis interface. The prices offered by NBD Biblion France have been carefully considered. Needless to say, offers are made in compliance with the book’s suggested selling price and fees relating to lending rights.

Subscribing to Liblfly’s web 2.0 web enrichment service lets you benefit from full comments from readers who are members of the Libfly community, reviews by professionals from partner libraries, reading lists and quotations published by all flyers and internet user ratings – regardless of your OPAC.

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Opinions and reviews

Reviews, sorted by source type (reader, librarian, bookstore, media) are all moderated by our team so that only those with real added value are published. Only identified internet users may post reviews. A voting system allows classifying reviews by relevance. A point-based system allows increasing contributor loyalty and identifying the most loyal and therefore the most reliable contributors. With Libfly, you will have a pool of more than 140 000 high-quality reviews.


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Shared content

Libraries can embed in their OPAC or third-party portal tags, reading lists and quotations associated with a publication being looked up. Our team also moderates such content in order to suggest only works that have been “voted” interesting. With Libfly, you will have more than 13 000 quotations and more than 4 500 reading lists.

Libfly enables the enrichment of your OPAC or portal regardless of its type through “exclusive” sound bites (interviews with authors, personalities in cultural circles, selected reading extracts) and numerous videos produced by our teams or posted by members of the community. This multimedia content is added to your website and can be viewed via streaming, directly from the relevant records.

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Audio content

Libfly produces its audio content: author interviews, readings by authors, cultural  personalities or actors. These media will enrich your portal on the publication’s record but may also be used in relation to any editorial content on your site.

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Video content

Libfly aggregates more than 1,500 videos on books and authors and allows you to automatically find them associated with the records on your catalog. In this way, you will be adding an attractive complement to your users’ discovery of your collections.