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April 7, 2014

Public libraries


Your challenges

The variety of collections managed and the diversity of the audience reached are what define any public library or public media library regardless of its size.

Apart from their physical collections, media libraries face a growing demand for digital consumption from their subscribers. They now therefore need to be able to manage, feature and share (or loan) very different media (books, periodicals, digital resources, local multimedia archives, etc) in equal measure.

Libraries/Media libraries also develop an increasingly significant cultural activity while continuing to provide their users with numerous IT tools (PC, tablets, Wi-Fi, etc). This new cultural approach and strong physical anchoring are in line with the development of the “third space” concept, to which many institutions subscribe (cf. see http://bbf.enssib.fr/consulter/bbf-2010-04-0057-001).

Lastly, the development of  intermunicipal organizations has contributed to the expansion of library networks of increasing size and their associated management requirements (circulation of documents, visibility of institutions, location tracking, etc).

Our solutions

Archimed offers a full range of solutions capable of meeting the expectations of public library institutions.

Management of collections and users – ILS

  • Simplified and advanced cataloging with derivation and many record loaders in standard versions, BNF selectors for the automation of the cataloging process.
  • Circulation module compatible with loan/return machines and allowing the management of  advanced requests from networks
  • Full acquisition chain, from reader suggestion to the tracking of order receipts and budget analysis
  • User relationship management module to get to know your audience better and communicate with them
  • A full-fledged and cross-module decision center
  • A solution that complies with document standards (MARC, authority management, OAI, Z39-50…) and IT standards (full web, unicode, LDAP, etc)

Mediation of services and discovery tool – Portal

  • Embedded CMS and discovery tool solution
  • Responsive Design for optimized access from any peripheral device
  • Compliance with French RGAA standard with regard to WAI-AA and legal compliance
  • Multisite support allowing the creation of areas dedicated to a certain theme (youth, heritage, etc) or geographical zone
  • Tools for optimizing events: diary, newsletter, surveys, etc
  • Search on miscellaneous aggregated content and/or external unified content
  • Personal environment for the user, dashboard, cart, automatic recommendations, push of new items, etc

Digital library

  • Built-in digital library manager that allows you to organize various objects
  • Dedicated tools for professionals (mass imports, batch processing, etc)
  • Development of your archive data with the inclusion of ALTO documents
  • Capture and repeat broadcasting of events (conferences, storytelling, etc)
  • Specialized readers (image collections, audio/video player, etc) and ready-to-use feature tools (image wall, timeline, flipbook, etc)

Public resource center

  • Management of services and tools offered by your public workstations
  • Session control and traffic management (reservation of workstations)
  • Personal workspace for your readers to save their documents
  • Secure management of the library’s Wi-Fi

Bibliographic records

  • Unlimited access to a database of high-quality bibliographic records

Enrichment services for your OPAC / Portal

  • Unlimited access to a database of high-quality bibliographic records

 Several references

Ranging from the library of a city with 10,000 residents to community networks serving more than 500,000 inhabitants, find out more about our references.

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