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April 7, 2014

Labor Union Libraries


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In addition to being a cultural and wellness centers like their municipal counterparts, labor union-sponsored libraries are also leisure and wellness zones within the company. Ever since 1945 in France, they have allowed many employees to access reading material and/or upgrade their knowledge.

Following the golden era in the 1970s with more than 3000 listed structures, the transformation of our industrial landscape has taken a heavy toll on these libraries despite the signing of a charter in the early 1990s to promote reading in corporate structures.

Today, in an era where private and professional spheres intersect with greater frequency, and in which corporations are giving more thought to wellness in the workplace, labor union media libraries can take on a key role as they introduce a conducive area for exchange, personal development and satisfaction, which benefit the employee, and therefore the corporation.

Our solutions

Archimed offers a full range of solutions capable of meeting the expectations of public library institutions

Management of collections and users – ILS

  • Simplified and advanced cataloging with derivation and many record loaders in standard versions, BNF selectors for the automation of the cataloging process.
  • Full acquisition chain, from reader suggestion to the tracking of order receipts and budget analysis
  • User relationship management module to get to know your audience better and communicate with them
  • A full-fledged and cross-module decision center
  • A solution that complies with document standards (MARC, authority management, OAI, Z39-50…) and IT standards (full web, unicode, LDAP, etc)

Mediation of services and discovery tool – Portal

  • Embedded CMS and discovery tool solution
  • Responsive Design for optimized access from any peripheral device
  • Tools for optimizing events: diary, newsletter, surveys, etc
  • Personal environment for the user, dashboard, cart, automatic recommendations, push of new items, etc


  • Specific digital corner for access to digital resources (e-books, VOD, music, etc.)
  • Catalog of full sources, editorial freedom and content offered to users
  • Automation of user registration possible

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