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April 11, 2014

Corporate libraries


Your challenges

An internal department within an organization (company, government agency, local authority, etc) corporate libraries distinguish themselves from typical libraries as it serves only employees in the organization or their partners, in order to provide a service within the scope of their professional activity.

With the advent of the digital age, both public and private organizations have come to realize that proper management of information is an essential quality. For each organization, the challenge no longer lies in access to information (the internet and Google have been there), but in its proper use by their employees and collaborators. Corporate libraries, historically tasked with acquiring, processing and sharing information, have a key role in the creation of this added value.

The challenges that corporate libraries must meet today are:

  • Visibility: the corporate library is, even inside the organization, in competition with Google and the internet, and needs to show its internal clients the added value of services it can offer them.
  • Consultancy: from ad hoc requests to targeted document records, while carrying out the usual daily monitoring, professionals need to be able to rely on modern tools to prepare content, and restore and exchange it with their users.
  • Convergence of physical and digital: the growth of digital resources requires the use of adapted tools for describing and sharing them with users
  • Capitalizing on the organization’s memory: the conventional mission of external document processing is enriched with increased conservation and appreciation of internal source documents and the sharing of knowledge within the institution
  • Decision-making: having a better idea of the suitability of the offering (physical and digital) and users’ needs is indispensable today in order to redirect the documentation policy and foster client loyalty on a daily basis

Productivity, providing detailed document descriptions, drawing the attention of your users and effectiveness of services provided to them, conducting open research on external data pools – these are just some  of the challenges that the document information systems of corporate libraries have to meet.

Our solutions

Archimed offers a comprehensive range of solutions that are able to respond to the particular expectations of special libraries.


Management of collections and users – ILS

  • Advanced multimedia cataloging for detailed description of your document resources
  • Full acquisition chain, from the monitoring stage to the tracking of order receipts and budget analysis
  • User relationship management module to get to know your audience better and communicate with them
  • A full-fledged and cross-module decision center
  • A solution that complies with document standards (MARC, authority management, OAI, Z39-50…) and IT standards (full web, unicode, LDAP, etc)


Mediation of services and discovery tool – Portal

  • Embedded CMS and discovery tool on aggregated and/or unified content (more than 50 sources currently available)
  • Responsive Design for optimized access from any peripheral device
  • Personal environment for the user, dashboard, cart, automatic recommendations, push of new items, etc


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