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April 7, 2014



Your challenges

At the core of the reorganization of our territories, local consortia remain indispensable, as long as they retain the dynamics of the expansion of their missions that have been in place ever since their creation.

The current reform affecting general councils, the development of inter-community relations and the emergence of urban areas are several factors transforming the original framework of consortia. Alongside these structural changes, the arrival of digital media throughout the library sector has shaken up the document service offering, cultural practices and as a result, the missions of local consortia.

Some of the new challenges facing consortia are:

  • The strengthening of their facilities, training and consulting services in libraries within their territories in addition to the original service of delivering documents
  • The integration of digital resources in their mission to provide documents in order to work towards equality in access to digital knowledge for all

Information systems used in consortia must be the instrument instead of the obstacle to attaining these new objectives.

Our solutions

Archimed offers a comprehensive range of solutions that are able to respond to the expectations of consortia.

Management of collections and users – ILS

    • Management of reading areas, movement of documents (tours, sending of records, containers for automated processing, etc)
    • Knowledge module of the network of reading areas
    • Management module of network training
    • Management of exhibitions or theme-based sets (description, lending, etc)
    • Multientity management with data sharing (e.g.: catalogs) and autonomy on management settings (cataloging tables, lending rules, etc)
    • Simplified and advanced cataloging with derivation and many record loaders in standard versions, BNF selectors for the automation of the cataloging process.
    • Full acquisition chain, from reader suggestion to the tracking of order receipts and budget analysis
    • A full-fledged and cross-module decision center

A solution that complies with document standards (MARC, authority management, OAI, Z39-50…) and IT standards (full web, unicode, LDAP, etc)

Mediation of services and discovery tool – Portal

  • Embedded CMS and discovery tool
  • Responsive Design for optimized access from any peripheral device
  • Compliance with French RGAA standard with regard to WAI-AA and legal compliance
  • Publication of objects from the portal to increase its visibility
  • Multisite support allowing the creation of areas dedicated to a territory and/or media consortia open to the public, or portal hosting by the local consortium for libraries in its territory
  • Personal environment for the user, dashboard, cart, automatic recommendations, push of new items, etc
  • Tools for optimizing events: diary, newsletter, surveys, etc
  • Search on miscellaneous aggregated content and/or external unified content
  • Personal environment for the user, dashboard, cart, automatic recommendations, push of new items, etc.


  • Specific shared digital corner for the entire consortium
  • Catalog of full sources, editorial freedom and content offered to users
  • Automatic registration possible of users from libraries in the territory

Public resource center

  • Management of services and tools offered by your public workstations
  • Session control and traffic management (reservation of workstations)
  • Personal workspace for your readers to save their documents
  • Secure management of the library’s Wi-Fi

Bibliographic records

  • Unlimited access to a database of high-quality bibliographic records

Enrichment services for your OPAC / Portal

  • Unlimited access to a database of high-quality bibliographic records

Several references

Archimed currently has about 40 consortia as clients.