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April 7, 2014

Academic / Research libraries


Your challenges

In an increasingly competitive educational scene, university libraries  have a key role to play within their respective authorities with regard to the quality of services provided to students and lecturers/researchers.

These libraries manage today large multimedia collections (physical and digital local resources, online electronic resources) that they need to render accessible at all times to members with particularly disparate needs. As such they need to be able to instruct a first-year student on how to search for documents while providing a researcher with the specialized content he is seeking.

In relation with the strategy of their institution which is particularly outward-oriented, academic/research libraries must have a document information system that both interfaces with the local environment (digital workspace, educational software, teaching platform, etc) and is interoperable with external partners (Sudoc, HAL,…).

Being closely in tune with users’ daily needs and practices is a fundamental value of these libraries which, in order to to stay that way, have for a long time led innovation in documentation (unified searches, OpenURL, OAI, SSO, etc).

Our solutions

Archimed offers a full range of solutions capable of meeting the expectations of academic/research libraries

Management of collections and users – ILS

  • Simplified and advanced cataloging with derivation
  • Native SUDOC connector
  • Circulation module compatible with loan/return machines and allowing the management of  advanced requests from networks
  • Full acquisition chain, from reader suggestion to the tracking of order receipts and budget analysis
  • User relationship management module to get to know your audience better and communicate with them
  • A full-fledged and cross-module decision center
  • A solution that complies with document standards (MARC, authority management, OAI, Z39-50…) and IT standards (full web, unicode, LDAP, etc)

Mediation of services and discovery tool – Portal

  • Embedded CMS and discovery tool on aggregated and/or unified content (more than 50 sources currently available)
  • Responsive Design for optimized access from any peripheral device
  • Compliance with French RGAA standard with regard to WAI-AA and legal compliance
  • Multisite support allowing the creation of areas dedicated to a certain theme (law, heritage, CADIST field, etc) or geographical zone in the context of a consortium
  • Personal environment for the user, dashboard, cart, automatic recommendations, push of new items, etc
  • Easy interfacing with your institution’s digital workspace

Digital library

  • Built-in digital library manager that allows you to organize your local publications (archive data, electronic theses, research papers, student reports, etc)
  • Dedicated tools for professionals (mass imports, batch processing, etc)
  • Development of your archive data with the inclusion of ALTO documents
  • Specialized readers (image collections, audio/video player, etc) and ready-to-use feature tools (image wall, timeline, flipbook, etc)
  • Contribution chain to allow researchers and/or external partners to publish their works


Several references

Our modular solution is used today – either globally or as an interface with other systems – on more than twenty university documentation divisions or school libraries.