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May 22, 2014

Manage my public workstations


What you need

A library is also a physical place where users go to work, wind down or exchange information. For them to do so, the various peripheral devices that you offer allow them to access your range of services. The need to manage these peripherals –  i.e., the conditions of their use, securing them, prior reservation, etc – quickly becomes a preoccupation.

Our solution

The product of solid experience (about 80 client sites installed over the past ten years) and business-specific development in collaboration with our clients, Ermes offers all the features needed for setting up a public resource center.

Management of services provided on workstations

Ermes enables the monitoring of services provided to the public according to user and/or specific workstation. Full web administration has been designed to facilitate the daily running and management of public resource centers. Professionals therefore centrally manage the desired authentication mode on the workstation, customization of the client browser or access to office tools via an application toolbar.

Management of internet services

As for the internet, Ermes embeds a proxy server and a regularly updated blacklist of more than 1,600,000 websites. It allows defining exceptions by workstation type. Ermes also has a Wi-Fi module that allows monitoring internet services offered to your mobile users.

Management of user traffic

Providing computers for public use may require the application of advanced tools on these workstations. For this purpose, Ermes offers a traffic management module that allows managing the reservation of workstations and/or a quota system on the duration individual users can spend on these services.

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