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April 7, 2014

Preserve my heritage


What you need

The preservation of heritage is a challenge that is well managed today, as shown by numerous digitization campaigns held over the years. However, drawing the public’s attention to the issue and giving it prominence still remain relatively neglected areas. From the public’s point of view, the growing demand is demonstrated, for example, by the tripling of visits to the Gallica digital library within three years. Wouldn’t you like to be as ambitious with your digital collections?

Our solution

Our digital library solution allows you to describe and highlight your heritage collections: old books, manuscripts, maps, images, newspapers and magazines, etc.

Public sharing

The portal is the interface on which you can feature your digital collections. Users will be able to find all search and selection functions there, as well as reviews, a cart, and specific tools for preserving old documents: mosaic display, viewer with a powerful zoom, page turner, etc.

Digital library management

Professionals enjoy the use of a dedicated digital library management module. As a multimedia document system, it allows outlining various electronic backgrounds of all types. Based on XML, it allows the user to take advantage of its flexibility in order to describe disparate document objects within the same system. It integrates advanced thesaurus management that facilitates the indexing of resources.

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