Your requirements
April 3, 2014

Offer an OPAC 2.0


What you need

Increasingly internet-savvy readers today wish to access your collections via tools that combine speed with search help, internet access, sociability and automated content enrichment, no matter where they are and the peripheral device used.

Our solution

Ermes 2.6 lets you easily implement an OPAC 2.0 regardless of your ILS.

Ermes embeds a faceted indexing engine that can be fully administered, allowing you to offer your users a powerful and relevant search function involving significant volumes of data.

Connected to the web, Ermes enriches records in your catalog through complementary services such as reviews and comments from social networks, audio and video extracts, several comic strips, etc. It also allows your readers and professionals to share their favorites over the web (social networks, blogs, etc) and enhance the visibility of your resources in this way.

Ermes 2.6 is a fully responsive design OPAC that allows you to share your collections on all of your users’ peripheral devices. It is also Braillenet-certified, indicating its suitability for use by the visually impaired.