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July 30, 2014

Loan e-books


What you need

Today, libraries need to stay relevant by offering their users the possibility of loaning e-books. Purchased directly from their bookstores, these books can be accessed either through their OPAC 2.0 or all-in-one portal, or through a dedicated e-book corner. In just a click, authorized users can then read the publication via streaming or by downloading it.

Our solution

Our solutions offer an interface with the main platforms for borrowing e-books, including the latest hub Dilicom PNB, to manage streaming and the download of e-books, with or without DRM.

All-in-one portal

This service may be activated directly in your Ermes portal and enable your users to perform unified searches for both e-books and physical books and/or a specialized Ermes site tailored to your digital range.

BibliOnDemand: digital loan corner

If you do not have Ermes or do not wish to immediately upgrade your portal or OPAC, opt for our BibliOnDemand solution which lets you quickly set up a digital corner your way accessible to your users.

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