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April 3, 2014

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Regardless of the type of library, the ILS or LMS remains the base of the service range offered by any library. Considering the diversity of collections, and the audiences and professionals within each institution, the integration and rationalization of processing networks of physical and digital  collections, the adaptability of the solution’s features, the quality of the decision-making environment and the openness of new online services are key assets to look out for.

Our solution

On the basis of very positive feedback from more than 450 institutions (more than 2,000 libraries) that have been using the previous generation of Syracuse (Aloès) for more than 10 years, we were able to concentrate the development of our design on the aspects of user-friendliness and productivity sought after today by professionals in the library and documentation markets.

Firstly, we capitalized on already extensive know-how in automation. Derivation of records, importing by chargers supplied as a standard feature, the paperless issue of order forms, among others, are just some of the features available for helping professionals in their daily duties.

With regard to user comfort, Syracuse is a new application that has been developed with the more recent technical solutions providing professionals with optimal ease of use: modern user interface (readability, key colors for the identification of modules, contextual menu, extensible combos, tabs within pages, etc), notification messages at the bottom of the page (to inform the user when a background task is running), shortcuts customized for the connected user, faceted searches, built-in context-based help, etc.

We then sought to turn Syracuse into an interactive and collaborative solution. From the moment they log on, professionals will be greeted by an interface relevant to their business and which embeds a news feed system allowing them on one hand to be informed of what’s happening in the network or in their media libraries, and on the other hand, to be automatically notified of tasks to perform. Syracuse becomes as such the professional’s virtual Workstation.

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