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April 7, 2014

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What you need

Libraries today provide access to a wide variety of content – the conventional catalog, online data banks, digitized documents, editorial picks and information on events. Traditional websites are now making way for document portals that allow accessing all these resources through a unique showcase and profiling services offered according to the user.

Our solution

With the Ermes all-in-one portal,what you get is an attractive and modern web site that allows you to relay your entire service offering and thereby foster user loyalty.

Ermes: your communications solution

Ermes relies on your communications policy by adapting your corporate identity on the web. The fact that it opens up to the web allows you to enhance the visibility of your services. Running natively in Responsive Design, Ermes lets you offer your whole service range on any type of  terminal (smartphone, tablets,PC).

Ermes: an innovative discovery tool

Ermes offers unified access to multiple data sources that the library provides in order to satisfy the user in his quest for information. A powerful search engine unites access to databases, processes the results and seamlessly, and in record time, shows the user the list of responses and the media on which such information may be viewed..

Ermes: a tool to captivate your readers and foster their loyalty

Whether it is for the purpose of profiling on the portal or signing up for events on the calendar, Ermes makes it possible to place the reader at the heart of the library’s information system. On the Ermes portal, the library puts the spotlight on its role of providing readers with recommendations, suggesting new arrivals or announcing the latest news. It also has tools that enable exchanges with its readers.

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