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April 7, 2014

The best of the digital world


What you need

Having long been at the heart of what academic/research libraries do, providing digital resources offered by specialized publishers currently poses a challenge for any type of institution. Libraries today need to manage and feature their digital collections the way they have done for years with physical resources.

Our solutions

The Archimed marketplace

Archimed develops a technical and partnership-based approach with content publishers that enables us to centralize interfaces in clouds with numerous content sources and to share the maintenance of these clouds for all our clients. In this way, you can focus on your role as a mediator.

All-in-one portal

This digital content can then be featured directly via the discovery tool embedded in our Ermes portal in order to offer it on an aggregated basis in your local resources through your all-in-one portal.

BibliOnDemand: a digital corner for hire

If you do not have access to Ermes or do not immediately wish to upgrade your portal or OPAC, opt for our BibliOnDemand solution which allows quickly setting up a digital corner the way you want it, accessible to your readers. is a platform that opens up access to thousands of multimedia documents and is as simple as it gets: eBooks, VOD, music, press, comics, training tools, etc.

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