About us
About us

Archimed, agile document solution vendor


Innovation as a driving force

Ever since Archimed’s creation in 1993, its history has been shaped by challenges. However, the company’s founders never lost sight of one guiding principle: Innovation

For Archimed, innovation is above all a state of mind – a living, breathing process that pushes teams to find ways to perform better and to keep offering the best. Innovation at Archimed is a structured and organized approach at every level of the corporation: from the birth of the idea to the release of a software product on the market.

Innovation is also expressed in the company’s ability to listen to its clients, anticipate their future needs, and to keep up with changes to their business practices.

For as long as Archimed has existed, we have always placed great importance on capitalizing on experience. In each of our activity sectors, we now ensure that sales, service, development and support teams collaborate on a daily basis in order to guarantee taking into account your present and future needs to the best of our ability.

The corporate culture at Archimed imposes the involvement of each employee in the evolution of our products.

Innovation is as such a founding value of the group, which invests 25% of its revenue in Research & Development (R&D) yearly.
BPI France

Archimed joined the OSEO Excellence network from its inception in 2010 and is part of the Bpifrance Excellence network. This digital community is made up of companies selected by Bpifrance from among those with the most promising growth prospects.


Our R&D projects are co-financed by the  European Union. Europe has invested in the Nord-Pas de Calais region with the European Regional Development Fund.